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Klear news / (technical changelog here)

We migrated the klear repo from svn to mercurialy. it's hosted now on bitbucket. also issuetracker is there now. forum was spammed and closed down, so we have a new wiki. that will also replace the manual. And yes, Qt4 port is still planned :-)

Happy Birthday! Klear gets 3 years today....

Finally! Klear 0.6.1 is out. Now with Gnome support and support for recording to other partitions. Get it now from our download page.

SVN and WebSVN is finally back and running again.

DVB-T channellist from Freiburg/Germany and Zagreb are online.

(Web) SVN has some problems right now. I have internet again (after 3 month!) and will fix this as soon as possible.

Franzi hacked the Gnome (and other WM) support. It's in SVN.

Marcus did some Kubuntu packages for Klear. It will be available with the next Kubuntu release; thanks a lot!

Italian translation updated. It's in svn.

Happy birthday! Klear is 2 years old today. Thank you all for your support.

Klear 0.6.0 is out. It includes full teletext support and some more fixes. Get it from the download section. Bugreports are welcome.

Yes, we are working at the background. No news are good news. If you had a look at the SVN you saw our progress with the teletext. Today we release a technology preview of klear to show you the first impressions of the new teletext support in Klear 0.6.0. So, here is 0.6.0-alpha1. Please report bugs to the Forum (Section "Bugs").

Federico made a Italian translation. Thanks. It's in SVN.

Jordi made a Catalan translation. Thanks. It's in SVN.

Hu, this took a LOT of more time than thought...but now, our new maschine is up, and running. Full nightly FTP backup and RAID1 should prevent data loss the next time ;-)
With the new server we also switched from CVS to Subversion. Give it a try.
And yes, we are working on new features. Mainly teletext is in progress, but will not be in SVN before it's finished. We'll do some mayor bugfixes the next time, so it's going forward.

New server. There may be some downtime of the klear server due maintainance and a komplete server change. So please be patient if the site is down sometime these days. Thanks.

The Klear article in the English Linux Magazine is online. Link is in our press section.

Major features to the configuration backend are in CVS: revision now update old config versions and deinterlacing and menu mode is saved on exit and restored again on startup.

We just released a new bugfix release for the 0.5-Klear-series: klear 0.5.4 !
We fixed the annoying bugs with the exceptions and problems on startup when channels.conf or klear.conf is missing. We fixed a lot more of course, but have a look yourself.
Added Russian (Thanks Roman!) and Spanish (Thanks Victor!) translation.
All windows should resize now correctly and klear should run a bit more stable ;-)
Feedback of course welcome.Thanks for your support.

Victor added the Spanish translation to Klear CVS. Thanks for that.

Roman added the Russian translation to Klear CVS. Thanks for that.

We added I18N with two translations, fixed some critical crashs with EPG, fixed compilation problems on 64bit systems, added recording margins and fixed some minor Klear 0.5.3 is out. Go and get it from the download section !

We set up some webboards for Klear. We hope to reach more people with that new forum. Let's post

Today it's Klear's 1. Anniversary ! Happy Birthday !

Translations for French and German are done and in CVS.

We added I18N to Klear this WE. See I18N-section for more information and how to participate.

We decided to replace the old qmake build system with something new. And this time it's great. It's a scons/bksys based build system. With version 0.5.2 you get the new system. Just have scons installed and run Easy, isn't it ?

Marco added recording functionallity to the Klear EPG. Manuel fixed the channeleditor and added a better volumecontrol. Plus some more nice things are now bundled with versioj 0.5.1 ;-)

We did a lot of fixes, added some new major features, and now we released it all with 0.5.0 ;-)
The most significant change was made with the new EPG system. Just have a look to get a clue what we are talking about. We also fixed some annoing bugs and added the hotkey configuration and some funny stuff more....So get it now from our download-section.

Marco did a LOT of the EPG stuff. The backend is running quite well. The GUI is work in progess, but that's not the main work. We'll do a technical preview the next weeks and hope to get a lot of feedback about the new EPG.